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Sphere II Gel Pens

Blue or Black ink

1.75x.75 imprint 

 150/$1.78, 250/$1.65, 500/$1.52 or 1k or more just $1.39 $40 set-up applies


--Luminator Pens--

Quality Super Bright LED pen with all the features your clients and prospects love! 

100/$1.79,  250/$1.49, 500 or more $1.39, $25 set-up


This page contains our best selling ball-point pens only! In order to save you time and dissapointment, we've whittled-down the choices from 1,000's of the industry's pen models to just a handfull of best performing pens. Many of which include blue ink option for the industries that use contracts and like to be able to distinguish original documents from copies, ie: real estate, realtors, mortgage loan officers, insurance agents etc. We know the importance of how a pen writes and how it will deliver your branded message with logo and your contact information. For those of you that want the best writing gel roller ball pens, click here!

*If you have a specific model pen in mind but don't see it here, contact us. We'll source it for you!

New pens on the block...

319hb-custom-ballpoint-pen-with-blue-ink-black-ink.jpg hb328custom-ballpoint-pen-with-blue-ink-black-ink.jpg HB329-custom-ballpoint-pen-with-black-ink.jpg
HB331-custom-ballpoint-pen-with-black-or-blue-ink.jpg HB568-Promotional-Ball-Point-Pens-with-Black-Ink.jpg

#TP481HB Millerton™ Black Ink Only. 2x1.5 imprint

Stylin'Stylus™ TP357HB Imprint Area: 1.375X.625 Black Ink Only


HB348custom-ballpoint-pen-with-black-ink.jpg HB349-custom-ballpoint-pen-with-black-ink.jpg

Travers™ #TP403HB 1.5X.5 Imprint Blue Ink Only.

HB379custom-ballpoint-pen-with-black-ink.jpg HB396custom-ballpoint-pen-with-black-ink.jpg hb397custom-ballpoint-pen-with-black-ink.jpg
hb411custom-ballpoint-pen-with-black-ink.jpg hb412custom-ballpoint-pen-with-black-ink.jpg hb413custom-ballpoint-pen-with-black-ink.jpg
hb416custom-ballpoint-pen-with-black-ink.jpg hb417custom-ballpoint-pen-with-black-ink.jpg

El Tigre™ #TP362HB 1.5x.5 Black Ink

HB265custom-ballpoint-pen-with-blue-ink.jpg HB257custom-ballpoint-pen-with-blue-ink.jpg
HB485custom-ballpoint-pen-with-black-or-blue-ink.jpg HB407custom-ballpoint-pen-with-black-ink.jpg hb359custom-ballpoint-pen-with-black-ink.jpg



METAL PENS (This catagory is under contruction).